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Demystifying Homeopathy…

Homeopathy is based on the theory and practice of like cures like. Or roughly translated from Greek, Homoeo meaning ‘similar’ and pathy meaning ‘suffering or illness’.

Homeopathy is practiced on the principle of Law of Similars (among others). Which means to treat conditions by using substances with the ability to cause the conditions in healthy subjects.

For example, the onion makes your eyes water. So when someone has the symptoms of watery eyes, as in hay fever or allergies, you would use the homeopathic preparation of onion or Allium Cepa, which has been proven to stop the eyes from watering.

The same is with a bee sting reactions and Apis. A bee sting produces pain, red swelling or inflammation. So the homeopathic preparation of Apis has a very powerful anti-inflammatory with the same red swelling and as such has the ability to heal these symptoms.

These are very basic examples but give you some idea of how homeopathy works with your bodies healing processes.

Homeopathy, Energy and the Vital Force

All living things have an integrated energy force that maintains and directs life. It underpins everything and separate living from non-living things.

It has many names such as the soul, chi, innate intelligence, life force and dynamis to name a few. But in homoeopathy it’s called the vital force.

The vital force is the energy that enables all living things to heal or self-heal and preserve life to its best ability by adapting to whatever environmental, emotional and life changes that come up in its way. The human body directs the various bodily systems to function in a harmonious way as a whole.

Homeopathy triggers the body to reach it own balance by respecting the integrity of the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, a young German DOCTOR at the end of the 18th century (1790).

Dr. Hahnemann set about re-examining the old saying like cures like, by taking advantage of the latest scientific discoveries of the day. He experimented on himself with cinchona bark which was being used at the time to relieve fevers and believed to help with stomach nerves. What he discovered was that cinchona bark produced the same symptoms as it was supposed to treat, sweating, trembling and distress. As a result, Homeopathy was born.

Over the years thousands of substances have been ‘PROVEN’ (Homoeopathically prepared substances tested of healthy willing subjects), the same method that Dr. Hahnemann used to determine the symptom pictures or personalities of each of the varying substances.

We also are individuals, with our own unique set of symptoms or personality. So when someone presents with these same or similar symptom pictures you are able to work out which remedy is best to prescribe by choosing the closest remedy that matches the symptoms of the patient.

Because you are working towards enhancing the bodies or the vital forces ability to help and heal itself, by not suppressing or masking, you are supporting the bodies functions towards greater health overall. 

For example… When something happens that causes disease in the body to become unwell (the outward or secondary sign of a deeper inner disturbance) it causes a disturbance in the vital force, or the bodies energy make up. Which could be anything from a shock or fright, accidental or trauma, an infectious disease, grief or even malnutrition. Actually, It could be anything.

In my experience, I found everything is triggered by a mental emotional cause or at least a mental emotional reaction to something that’s recently happened. If this imbalance is not corrected the vital force will rebalance in order to preserve itself or do its best to maintain life, which is homeostasis. If it is unable to do so and left on treated, the unresolved acute condition can end up becoming a chronic condition.

Back then Dr. Hahnemann created his own dilutions and medicines. The successors also did the same. Nowadays most homeopathic remedies are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories under strictly controlled procedures.

Practically applying homeopathy can impact you and your family in subtle but long-lasting ways. It’s about managing your health, being empowered in your decisions about your health and to be able to take the initiative and responsible for the duty of care of your own health.

Homeopathy is this amazing natural medicine that takes into account the whole of your being. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

In which regard, ALL aspects of you have equal importance and are needed to truly heal to your fullest advantage. And, saying that is capable of treating many health conditions and dis-eases, acute as well as chronic. From anxiety to stress, auto-immune conditions, skin, childhood diseases, Aspergers /autism spectrum, ear problems, blood pressure, hayfever, IBS and digestive conditions, cancer, learning difficulties, lung complaints, and many, many more conditions.

You name it, there is a solution.

Why? …Because it treats the person and their individual symptoms, not the specific disease. A diagnosis is handy but not always essential to achieve cure.

Learn how to help and support yourself, enhance your health and own your own DUTY of CARE through using Homeopathy. It’s safe, effective, easy to use and the best bit is it’s inexpensive. As well as able to be used on the very young and to the very old, pregnant women, animals and everyone in between. I’ve even given it to my plants to revive them.
Introducing….A Powerful Tool for Living Life in Full Bloom

Self-Help First Aid and Therapeutics”

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Where you can learn to help yourself with all the main and common first aid and therapeutic conditions, and while improving your overall health.

I’ve been a qualified Homeopath (dip Hom NZ) since the late ninety’s. But even before that when I first discovered Homeopathy I was able to not only help myself but others after doing a programme very similar to this. It not only has been life changing but life enhancing.

I’d love for you to experience similar success for yourself as well as your loved ones.

Learn how safe, easy and effective Homeopathy can be. Improve your life, with homeopathy it’s out-of-sight!

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Lisa Hawkins is a professional homeopath (Dip Hom NZ) and healer with 20+ years of experience.

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