I see you, beautiful soul ... I know who you are.

To Be Sensitive Is To Feel Energy

Like walking into a party and knowing the host and her husband are fighting, even though they’re all smiles + cheer on the outside.

To Be Sensitive Is To Feel Energy

Like when your colleague verbally rips into you and it feels like you’ve been physically attacked.

To Be Sensitive Is To
Step Into Your Energy & Feel Powerful In Your Body

But right now, you’re anything but….

You’re tired and exhausted.
You’re constantly stressed and always on guard.
You’re anxious around other people.
Your energy’s low.
Something’s not quite right..
Your energy’s off.
You just don’t feel like yourself.

These Are the Classic Symptoms of Sensitive People….

It’s When Your Energy is a Sign or Indication
of Something Else That’s Going On…

Let’s Sort Out Your Energy - Because Your Energy...well, Its Your Everything....

"Lisa has offered a really personal, friendly & thoughtful service. She listens to your concerns & acts professionally & without judgement.  We have been grateful for the attention our little boy deserves & with continued treatment, look forward to his brighter future."

Abi, Nick & Will

Lisa Hawkins is a professional
homeopath (Dip Hom NZ) 
and healer
with 20+ years of experience.

Hey, I’m Lisa…

I’m a healer + a homeopath, and supporting people who’re struggling with their energy, their health, their life circumstances and their moments of vulnerability. This is my world’s work.

Through my work, I connect, communicate, support and hold a loving space for my clients to reconnect with themselves and work through their stuff, so they can heal and move forward into a life filled with what they want.

Working with me, people find that they can get really healthy.

I help sensitive souls heal their energy, reconnect with themselves, and stand in their power.

I am a homeopath and healer with 20+ years of experience.

My clients come to me when they’re feeling exhausted by options. From the woman with “incurable” endometriosis, which we cured, to the teenager distraught over the cruel taunts of the school bullies, to the woman whose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome proved to be a mask for a deeply unfulfilling career and a lack of confidence.

By digging deep in a safe and gentle way, using a combination of energy healing and homeopathy, we are able to discover and identify the solutions to the issues that have plagued them for so long.

My clients find that soon they’re no longer experiencing the symptoms but are thriving, open, alive, and able to choose what’s best for them with ease.

For the first time in a long time (or perhaps ever), they’re living their lives in full bloom!

When I’m not working with my clients, I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mum to two creative kids, a daughter to a dad with dementia, and a pet-wrangler to our 9 year-old dog, Oscar, and cat, Bella. You’ll find me frolicking down on the beach with the kids or the pup (my personal definition of heaven), having adventures and exploring the world with my family, and enjoying the best things in life.

I have fun connecting with others, writing posts that ignite a fire in the belly of sensitive souls and working with clients in a way that feels like they’re being wrapped up in a big hug… because the more me I am when it comes to showing up in society, the more happier and healthier I am in my own skin.


Energy is a whole-body experience. It doesn’t just affect one part, like being able to keep your eyes open. The state of your energy affects you mentally, emotionally, physically + spiritually. The best barometer to measure what’s going on in your world, and whether you’re living the life you love, is tapping into your energy + how you feel.

Download a copy of my free guide: “DIY Energy Audit” and join the Sensitive Soul revolution!

Ready to shift your life?

If you’re struggling with a crisis in health or in life that you can’t fully explain, if you feel like your life is just out of reach, or if you’re longing for someone to stand in your corner and show you the way to health and happiness, let’s connect.

Because you deserve to be happy and live your life in full bloom.

Let's Get Started!

"Lisa has a truly warm heart. She really helped me through a hard time in my life with her constant open ear and life knowledge. Her approach isn’t like a distant professional but rather a trusting friend, and that really worked for me!"


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