We all deserve to feel better.

Perhaps you’re here ’cause you need solutions.

Quite likely you’re not feeling that great.

Potentially your health is letting you down.

At least that’s the way it seems.

In an attempt to salvage it and help yourself feel better, you’re doing everything you can from eating the right things that may not be providing your with enough of what you need, cutting out the things you love, consuming hands full of vitamins, exercising and yes, getting enough sleep. You’ve possibly even gone to the doctor.

I honestly can’t remember the number of times I’ve felt like I’ve had the brush off from a doctor and have had so many clients who’ve had the same. Especially when it comes to autoimmune or those diseases that mainstream medicine can’t seem to treat.

I’ve been told by doctors what’s going on is all in my head (I know I’m not on my own) until you wait and finally develop physical symptoms. And by specialists when I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis there was nothing they could do but could give me something to mask the symptoms. Go figure. That’s not good enough.

Why am I telling you this… because I get it. I understand. Cause now you know I’ve been there. Perhaps just like you. They aren’t trained to look at the why behind the disease.

And people deserve better than that. People deserve answers and a solution.

People deserve to feel better and to heal.

The thing is, symptoms and pain are just your body trying to get you to listen. Something is out of balance, and what better way to get you to notice that to make you.

I’ve always helped and encouraged people. Even before I was trained in as a homeopath. But having my own experiences and that of family and friends going through similar things that I had. I decided to seriously do something about it.

Here’s the thing

Your energy or health aren’t going to majorly improve by changing your diet, exercise and more sleep alone. Trust me.

Sadly, I’ve seen it all too often.


Getting in touch with your energy, your emotions and feelings will…. By getting to the core of what is going on and what’s gone on in the past to have caused it to happen in the first place. There is always a ‘why’ or a reason behind a disease.

Your energy is the barometer and the link to your soul, the way you feel and to what’s going on. It’s often the first thing we notice.

True healing comes from within. And this is the way to get there.

It’s all about energy and connecting with your emotions.

Let’s Sort Out Your Energy - Because Your Energy...well, Its The Core of Your Everything....

"Lisa has offered a really personal, friendly & thoughtful service. She listens to your concerns & acts professionally & without judgement.  We have been grateful for the attention our little boy deserves & with continued treatment, look forward to his brighter future."

Abi, Nick & Will

Lisa Hawkins is a professional
homeopath (Dip Hom NZ) 
and healer
with 20+ years of experience.

Hey, I’m Lisa…

I can help you! So what do you need? 

If you read below, I’ve got heaps of skills and a lifetime of experience. But actually they don’t mean anything. What’s important is what’s going on for you. You can have all the qualifications in the world and still not be able to truly help someone. Truly help someone heal and connect with what’s really going on. Well that’s me.

I’m a homeopath, a healer + intuitive coach and supporting people who’re struggling with their energy, their health, their life circumstances and in their moments of vulnerability. This is my world’s work.

As a homoeopath, a Dip Hom in fact. I have a thorough understanding of YOU, your anatomy and physiology, but not just from a physical aspect but a holistic view of how the human body functions mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. I understand energy and the impact your experiences, your thoughts and emotions have on your physical body and the dis-eases (note I said dis (or ill at) ease) that this can cause. Also as I went through my training I worked in a health food store where we sold and worked with nutrition, supplements and health, guided and trained by a naturopath. On top of my natural abilities as a healer and a coach, when I wasn’t working or studying, I spent my time learning and enhancing these natural gifts. Including learning The Body Code.

Through my work, I connect, communicate, support and hold a loving space for my clients to reconnect with themselves and work through their stuff, so they can heal and move forward into a life filled with what they want.

Working with me, people find that they can get really healthy.

I don’t mean mung bean healthy, but mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. Because it’s what they want, not because they have to.

I work with women, helping them connect, understand and move through what’s going on for them, even when others can’t.

I am a homeopath and healer with 20+ years of experience.

My clients come to me when they’re feeling exhausted by options. From the woman with “incurable” endometriosis, which we cured, who was able to get on with their life and not having to stop every month and on heavy drugs. To the teenager distraught over the cruel taunts of the school bullies and the teachers who didn’t understand them. To the woman whose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome proved to be a mask for a deeply unfulfilling career and a lack of confidence and the inability to go for what she really wanted. Not to mention what’s gone on in my own life and that of my family from sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more. I get it and I understand from all angles and know these things can be helped big time, if not healed. I know I’ve seen it.

The human will, spirit, call it what you will is incredible. You will get exactly what it believes. This is where true healing resides.

By digging deep in a safe and gentle way, using a combination of communication, sensitivity, awareness, energy healing and homeopathy, we are able to discover and identify the solutions to the issues that have plagued them for so long. Often it’s so subtle they need to be reminded of what the way it used to be.

My clients find that soon they’re no longer experiencing the symptoms but are thriving, open, alive, and able to choose what’s best for them with ease.

You see, there is an emotional root cause of all disease. This is the why. Emotional baggage is real. It’s a stuck emotion that you’ve been unable to process or release.

The most common symptom of blocked energy or emotional baggage is pain.

Uncovering your blind spots, your emotional baggage and helping YOU heal in those moments of vulnerability, suffering and pain is my obsession.

It’s all energy. Because when you connect with your inner self, your energy, your emotions and get to the heart of the issue in a gentle and supportive way, true healing can take place.

I’m here to help you. I care. And I’ve got your back.

For the first time in a long time (or perhaps ever), they’re living their lives in full bloom!

Connecting with people on a deep level is my thing. Ignite a fire in the belly of your sensitive soul and working with clients in a way that feels like they’re being wrapped up in a big hug is really important to me… because, the more you, you are and the more me I am when it comes to showing up, the more happier and healthier we’ll all be when we show up in our own skin.

Want to work with me? Right this way…

Heres to being true to ourselves and honouring and accepting not only ourselves but each other as well. Cause when you are secure in yourself you give others permission to be who they are as well.


Energy is a whole-body experience. It doesn’t just affect one part, like being able to keep your eyes open. The state of your energy affects you mentally, emotionally, physically + spiritually. The best barometer to measure what’s going on in your world, and whether you’re living the life you love, is tapping into your energy + how you feel. So what do you need to heal?


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So what do you need? Are you ready to shift your life?

If you’re struggling with a crisis in health or in life that you can’t fully explain, if you feel like your life is just out of reach, or if you’re longing for someone to stand in your corner and show you the way to health and happiness, let’s connect. Because you deserve to be happy and live your life in full bloom.

"Lisa has a truly warm heart. She really helped me through a hard time in my life with her constant open ear and life knowledge. Her approach isn’t like a distant professional but rather a trusting friend, and that really worked for me!"


Marketing/Sales Consultant

Just in case you’re interested… and what to know a bit more about me, here are some fun facts …

  •  I was born and bred in New Zealand and married with two children and a cat.
  • I was one of those sandwich people. Young kids with elderly parents. But sadly both my parents have now passed. My mum almost 6 years of not thinking she could ever survive cancer. She was cancer free at the time. And my dad two days before his 80th birthday last December. I’ve learnt a lot from these experiences and have been told I taught a lot as well.
  • In amongst all of that, I also developed an autoimmune disease called sarcoidosis. Which I treated myself and to which the specialist cleared me after six months. He even tried to tell me they must have diagnosed me. But my doctor to this day still goes on about how sick I was. Everything is a symptom and your body trying to tell you something needs to change.
  • I love the beach and the water. I spend whatever time I can there, be it swimming, stand-up Paddleboarding, playing in the waves or just walking along on. Summer or winter. Though I’m not so much in it during with winter as walking next to it.
  • In the winter I love to snowboard. We don’t always get the chance. But love it when we do. I only learnt in my early 40’s. My kids’ joke I cartwheel more than board. Nice. I still have a lot of fun. Last time I went I blitzed the mountain…or at least made it to the top and got down to the bottom safely. Which is always good.
  • Travel is something I’m passionate about. A couple of years ago we took my dad to Norway on a cruise from the UK. And we only lost my dad once. (I’m glad we took him when we did as he sadly died at the end of last year.) We all loved it. In fact, I loved Norway so much I’d happily live there. Not so sure how I’d cope with the cold. We love Europe and the UK and can’t wait to go back. I think as Kiwi’s, travel is in our DNA.
  • I’m a quality, not quantity kinda girl. And we’re more about experiences than stuff. Saying that I do like a good cup of tea or a nice glass of sav and the best things in life. And perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this but one of my favourite foods are chips or crisps as they are called in the UK.
  • I also love good design, colour, interiors and making things fit. There’s nothing more satisfying being told something can’t be done and making it work. Spacial relationships, problem solving and design. I should have been an architect. But I just love helping people too much.
  • Why did I become a homeopath (also spelt homoeopath)? Because I hate the sight of blood. And it was a far more intellectual option.It gave you a chance to dig deep and really understand what’s going on for people. I love the psychology of it.

Ain’t it about living a life that makes you happy.


Oh, and if you need a bit more about my philosophy, my credentials and where I come from….here you go…

I’m a qualified Homeopath, which does include medical science and anatomy and physiology, I have been gifted a natural ability as a healer & coach and learnt and dabbled in all kinds of healing modalities (including The Body Code), skill, stuff and experiences that I’ve learnt along the way, to help you access the essence and core of what’s going on for you.

Psychology, quantum physics, metaphysics and energy psychology, as well as functional medicine all have a place in my heart and are a natural part of what I do.

I believe we are spiritual beings or souls living a human life. We aren’t humans trying to be spiritual. Or at least remembering to be spiritual. We’ve chosen to be here. It’s not about escaping earth for another dimension. It’s about using the knowledge we’ve gained to be present in this moment and be the best humans we can be on earth. Only then will peace, love, grace, gratitude, oneness and abundance be fully realised on earth. It’s within our souls, our lifeforce and our energy that transformation will take place. Our physical body gives us the symptoms and is a guide as to where to start. Sadly we are disconnected often from ourselves and the world around us which is where a majority of our problems arise.

But most importantly and above all else, I’m incredibly practical and have a good dollop of common sense and am able to read between the lines. All tied in with sensitivity, awareness, compassion, encouragement, caring and understanding. There’s no gimmicks and no BS. Nurturing, connection and alchemy are at the core of everything I do.

It’s using a mesh of what’s needed in order for you to heal. Releasing the emotional baggage or whatever else is in the way and so you can get on with your life.

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