Peace comes from a sense of who you are.

You will never find it outside of you. What is outside of you is just a reflection of what is going on within you. We all have peace within us. It's just a case of stilling ourselves enough in order to find it. Sometimes it's just stopping for a minute and taking a...

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Our Energy is the Connection to Who We Ere

Our energy is like a barometer of what is going on for us. When our energy is good things tend to be going all good. But when our energy is low it is an indication that something is going on that isn't serving us. Our energy connects us with who we are and is a...

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Love is Energy and Everything is Energy

Ultimately there are only two options and two places to live in your heart... to live in love or in fear. Everything is energy but you get to choose how your energy feels. Choose love over fear. Often easier said than done, but totally do-able. Regardless of what is...

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What You Believe is What you Create… so be careful.

You are what you think ....and you create what you believe. You are the sum of what you believed and experienced in the past. Your past thoughts created your today. So what you think today will be your creation of tomorrow. What do you need to change to create the...

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We are all Sensitive Souls at Heart

At the end of the day, every single one of us is sensitive at the core. It means we are open, in touch, aware, trusting and alive. Which makes being sensitive a strength, not a weakness. It's just some of us have built up a wall of protection to keep ourselves safe....

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The Power of Knowing Your True Self

THE POWER OF KNOWING YOUR TRUE SELF   Knowledge is power, dear friend. The key to tapping into your own phenomenal power? Knowing yourself, inside and out. That means getting comfortable with inquiry and self-awareness, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, likes and...

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Vital Force

All living things have an integrated energy force that maintains and directs life. It underpins everything and separate living from nonliving things. It has many names such as the soul, chi, innate intelligence, life force and dynamis to name a few. But in homoeopathy...

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A Brief Rundown Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that is based on The principle of ‘like cures (or treats) like’. It was originally discovered by a German Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and around 1790 as a result of him questioning the standard medical methods of the day. At the time it...

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Peace Comes From Within

Peace....It comes from a sense of who we are. That knowing and understanding of who we are on the inside. Peace doesn't come from anything that is based outside of us. We all get to choose regardless of whats happening around up what we do, what we think and how we...

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And what about stress?

Stress is one of the major causes of disease known today. We all suffer and react to stress in different ways. But one thing we all do the same when we are that our bodies produce more acid. And high acidity in our system is one of the major causes of...

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You may not know this about me….

You may or may not know that I have been doing what I do for a number of years. When I studied to become a homeopath I spent a big chunk of that working in a health food store. This shop sold supplement, remedies, food and all things health related. Through this and...

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You get to choose your health because of your belief.

The amount of sleep, the food we eat and the amount of exercise all impact on our health and wellbeing. But no where near the amount as much as what we believe. You hear about mindset all the time and everywhere. But where health is concerned people tend to blame...

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In those moments…

It may just be a busy day or there may be more to it than that. But sometimes you just need to..... Stop and Breathe.....give yourself a moment. Take within and ANCHOR your energy....all your divine power comes from within. You can't take advantage of it if your...

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