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My personal Energy Audit Healing Session with Lisa was nothing short of life-changing. It was very powerful in itself and the way things changed for me afterward was just amazing.

I've been struggling with my life as a stay-at-home mother; more specifically, with managing my moods and energy with my children, who have always been intense and needy. It had gotten to the point where I spent most of my time wanting to run and hide from them, as I felt utterly emotionally battered and energetically drained by even the simplest interaction.

Lisa helped me to see how I've been managing my energy incorrectly, and she cleaned everything up so that by the next day, I woke to a completely different reality. My children were settled, calm, loving. I felt normal for the first time probably since becoming a mother. I felt like ME. Happy, content, and strong. What an amazing gift Lisa has given me and our family!

Follow up comment...

I want someone who can see what I can't and answer my burning questions. What I know about you is, you are highly intuitive and can see my blind spots. You have a way of helping me put the pieces together--and, subsequently, helping me put myself back together. I know I'm strong and I can take it from there. But in that moment of confusion and vulnerability, I need someone to walk me through to the other side.

Lindsay Maxfield

Intuitive Healer, Assertiveness Coach

I approached Lisa because I learnt that she did healing for health issues as well. 2 main things Lisa has been helping me with is bad period cramps and generally maintaining my energy.

I've suffered from really bad period cramps for close to 15 years. Every month I'll be down for about 2-3 days. I've tried everything - from scans to check ups to TCM to every possible remedy I've found and nothing has worked. Every doctor I've been to could not find a single thing that's wrong with me (which is a good thing)! Lisa did some healing for me and within a couple of months, my cramps are much less painful. I can move around during my period (:

The second thing is just general energy management. Lisa helped me see what's going on with me. I've been feeling exhausted since I got back from the US. Lots of work, stress and especially taking on other people's energy - we do that a lot as introverts! Because we are sensitive to people's vibe and energy, we tend to claim responsibility for it and that makes me totally exhausted. Lisa has helped me realize that and learn to be aware so I'll stop doing that. She's also taught me to see how things around me affect my energy and how I can protect and maintain it.

If you're feeling exhausted every day or you just feel "off" in your body or heart, Lisa will help you find out why and help with the healing process (:

Thank you Lisa. I feel what you are doing is so powerful for me and you literally guided me to heal something I never thought I could heal. I seriously thought I had to live with it my whole life.

Esther Loke

Marketing Strategist

"Lisa has been instrumental in my realizing my dream life of being together with my family taking care of them every day while at the same time having the financial security to do so.  Lisa is always very patient and offers practical and heartfelt caring help and advice to me, in every step of the way, even after the time period of me seeking her service.  Lisa is always approachable, and she always takes the initiative to check in on me, in a way that makes me feel comfortable.  I don't like sales pitch and I usually do not take initiative to report back on my progress, however all these are not a problem at all when I worked with Lisa because she made it very easy and comfortable for us to work together in a very effective manner.  All in all, what's most important is that I achieved the results and the dream that I longed for, and I believe Lisa played a tremendous part in it.  Thank you so much Lisa for your kind and loving help always!! " 

Meng Yew

I began talking with Lisa to rid myself of the debilitation of Endometriosis.  I had many of the symptoms but the overriding debilitation was crippling abdominal pain for 7 days per month.

Lisa guided me to search within myself with absolute honesty for the root cause of the endometriosis, the mental thought process behind the physical symptoms … the answers were within me all the time.

Now, I’m symptom free – no pain.  Above this I have awakened an awareness & respect of myself that allows my life to flow freely through me and to make choices that feel great for me.

Liz S

Owner/Director, An Engineering Company, New Zealand

Lisa, thank you so much for what you do! I can’t believe how spot on you were about my energy and what I can do to take back some control over it! You actually described what I was feeling inside the moment I was feeling it. Incredible!!

Lori Nelson Reeves

Web Designer

"Lisa has offered a really personal, friendly & thoughtful service. She listens to your concerns & acts professionally & without judgement.  We have been grateful for the attention our little boy deserves & with continued treatment, look forward to his brighter future."

Abi, Nick & Will

“Lisa is a true detective.  She literally leaves no stone unturned  Her dedication to finding the root cause of illness or discomfort shows in her work.  I can happily say that Lisa has helped me immensely!”

Rhonda Lee, MAEd

"Lisa has a truly warm heart. She really helped me through a hard time in my life with her constant open ear and life knowledge. Her approach isn’t like a distant professional but rather a trusting friend, and that really worked for me!"


Marketing/Sales Consultant

I was surprised and so grateful that Lisa helped to cure my insomnia with a homeopathic remedy. If you are struggling with a chronic ailment I recommend you look into the powerful and natural work that Lisa is doing!

Terri Cole

"Lisa, this has really helped me! To my core. I have felt not connected and scattered. No trust. No connection to myself/divine. I feel a sense of peace and trust that I haven't felt in a while."

Jennifer ALevizos Sorel, NYC

Oh my goodness Lisa Hawkins is one incredible energy healer. If you haven’t done a personal Energy Audit and Healing Session with her, you MUST. I was feeling sick, really sick and she was able to work with me from afar and uncover some issues I was having by tapping into my energy and listening to her intuition and guides.

The day after she had tapped into my energy I woke up feeling so much better. She was able to clear out much of the junk that was blocking me and help me feel so much better.

This was HUGE for me. I tend to get sick and stay sick for weeks and weeks. Thanks to Lisa that wasn’t even possible.

Brigid Ward

Business Consultant and Success Coach

Last week Lisa did an Energy Audit for me - while she was in New Zealand and I was on a plane in Australia about to go on holiday with my family!

I could tell straight away when Lisa started working on me - my throat chakra started moving strongly and I felt the need to sit back, close my eyes and allow Lisa to work on me.

When we had landed Lisa had already messaged me with what she found. I felt so energised and joyful afterward - it was incredible. Lisa is such a powerful healer - I will definitely seek her out again.

Helen Butler

Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner

Holy help me Lisa has been fantastic. I am a mother and this business gets pretty messy. I feel with Lisa's help she is changing some really deep stuff for both me and my kids. I seriously recommend her. I've been in a bad way with one of my kids recently. Lots of terrible screaming and high drama. Today the sun has come out. My energy is clear. My daughter is stable.

Thank you. I am SO grateful for you. Tears...

Jessica Sunshine Christian

Branding Photographer

As an intuitive energy healer, it's always fun to have a session with another kindred. And Lisa Hawkins is indeed a kindred!

I reached out to Lisa for support during an energetic frenzied time in my life -- I had just returned from a crazy-busy vacation with a large group of friends and family members. And to top it all off, a close family member had unexpectedly passed away at age 47, three days before we were leaving the country for vacation. As an empath, my energy body felt overloaded and I needed a tour guide to help me retrieve the pieces I had unknowingly given away.

Lisa held the energy for me and helped me return order from chaos. I left our session feeling restored and continue to feel shiny and bright almost a month later. I loved the way she shared her perceptions as she moved through my energy body and as an added bonus, my recently deceased family member came through to let me know he was ok.

Lisa was kind, compassionate and created a safe "processing space," where I could release, recharge and re-sparkle!

It was refreshing to work with a healer who had a completely different way of processing energy than I. What a fun, impactful and healing session! Thank you, Lisa! I was honored to work with you and would definitely recommend your energy audit service to anyone!!!

Sending you much love and gratitude.

Kristen Ashley

Intuitive Energy Healer/Muse

“She is a very competent Homeopath and a very caring person who  has helped me on numerous occasions, both physically and emotionally."


Retail Manager

Working with Lisa was a great experience. She taught me a technique that has kept my energy intact even in very stressful situations. If you're looking to have energy work done I highly recommend working with Lisa. ❤

Rebecca McKown

"As a someone who is self-employed and also a dad, having a basic knowledge of homeopathy has been great in helping me and my family, especially when the kids have woken in the middle of the night not feeling well and obviously having a temperature. Your first thought is that no one is going to get any sleep. But having some homeopathic knowledge and a few remedies at hand is awesome. Countless times this has happened and after giving the right remedy we are all back to bed and asleep in a short time. We very rarely visit the doctor anymore. We don’t need to."



”I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the care and quality advice given to me by Lisa Hawkins. Her expertise in the field of natural medicine helped soothe the symptoms and alleviate some of the anxiety I was experiencing. Her support and gentle nature made her a confidant and professional I strongly recommend to others.”

Rebecca Bignall-Nalder

"Choreography and inspiring people to dance with passion and patience is my goal. Homeopathy is a wonderful companion physically for sore bodies and emotionally and spiritually as passion and patience turn to neurotic obsession. Thanks to Homeopathy over the years as a show comes up, a baby comes out or a row goes down and if I go sideways. Homeopathy truly is a powerful tool to have and too share."

Amy Kaa

Artistic Director of Soul Arch Contemporary Dance

“Over the years I have had the privilege to be supported by Lisa in many, many, ways. On a practical level, Lisa has helped my family with many ailments always providing a remedy when needed that has had a positive effect on the recipient.

However, Lisa’s ability to heal goes way beyond Lisa’s undoubted skill as a homeopath. She has a rare skill of looking beyond the physical problem to draw out the underlying emotional causes, for the physical expression of un-wellness.

For years I have experienced, severe endometriosis and ultimately cervical cancer. With each bout of illness I would often wonder why I was stricken with such illness, always gynaecological, and always, what seemed at time, an insurmountable challenge.

Through these times Lisa has been at my side, guiding me, providing insight and understanding to help me deal with the fallout of my illness. I am stubborn, and don’t like to be told, but Lisa patience and thoughtful persistence has enabled me to see, and truly understand the root causes. She gave me the gift of being able to answer the why. Once I accepted the reality of her advice, and the tools I needed to affect change, for me that principally the knowledge of the unnecessary untruths I was hanging on to, I began to notice a dramatic improvement in my health status. Ultimately enjoying a six-year period free of the inflictions that had plagued me.

I am forever grateful for the healing care I received, and continue to rely on Lisa’s expertise, to guide and support me. We all have speed wobbles, and I had one recently with, yes another, episode of a similar problem, Lisa was immediately responsive to my bewildered question, what again? Her gentle manner and compassionate reminders of the underlying truth, has again set me on my path. She once again demonstrated how, my emotional life, desires and conflicts, have affected my health outcomes, providing much needed guidance for change.

Lisa can provide you with the power of knowledge and understanding, way beyond the “medical” explanations for illness. I unreservedly recommend Lisa as a skilled, knowledgeable, and intuitive practitioner, who achieves remarkable outcomes for those who place themselves in her care.”

Kim Western


My personal Energy Audit Session was amazing. I tried to keep an awareness of what was happening but finally just allowed the process to work and that it did. She pinpointed areas that I knew were out of alignment, some that I didn't and left me with an easy feeling of peace and contentment I hadn't felt in a long time. Thank you Lisa!

Kelly Shevlin Seer

Storyteller and Sorceress

Lisa's guidance and energetic support came at the right time for me as I was going through a difficult transition. Her guidance was spot on and supported me to feel centred and grounded during an emotional time. Thank you Lisa for helping me feel better.

Melissa Zammit

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, but I am going through some life changes and I figured it couldn’t hurt to have my energy audited. I was blown away by what came up in the session. She immediately picked up on stuff that needed healing around my sacral chakra. We dug deep, and so much came up for me that I was able to work through and release.

Lisa was very supportive and helped me to feel safe during the process. By the end of the session, I felt lighter and free, and I had definitely let go of some of the hurt and had started to fill the empty hole with love, safety, and worthiness. It was a pretty amazing experience.

Sherry Copeland

Energy Healer and Owner of Zen Your Life

I was able to feel the effects rather soon and as she worked I started feeling more in tune with myself, my energy was renewing and I felt lighter overall. It was pure brilliance!

Lisa was incredible and she provided loving knowledge and support the whole time. She even checked in on me several times after our session to get updates on my progress and how I was feeling overall after her powerful shifts released and rejuvenated my energy.

I am so grateful to have gotten to work with Lisa. Her remarkable talent is genuinely a divine gift! I will be recommending her to anyone who desires loving and effective energy work! Thank you Lisa.

Bianca Coleman

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