Energy is Everything!

It Controls Your Entire Experience

And energy changes….

From that caffeine hit in the morning to feeling like you’re about fall asleep at 3PM.

From focused to frazzled.

From energetic to exhausted.

From switching on to feeling off.

Your Energy Controls Your Entire Experience

It’s the difference between bounding home after work, swinging the door open and singing out ‘honey I’m home’ like you’ve tapped into the infinite supply.

You feel like you can move mountains. OR, are you dragging your tired legs home, dropping the keys 5 times in frustration, opening the door stressing about what to have for dinner, and falling asleep on the couch? Do you feel like you want to crawl in a cave and hibernate forever?

If you are struggling and uncomfortable, that is no way to live.

Get your energy right and get your life back


Your energy is so out of whack no amount of sleep can save you now.
You’re wired, exhausted, and at the tipping point of a break down.

I Help You Heal Your Energy.

You’ve tried everything Western Medicine has to offer but nothing’s working.
You’ve got health issues that won’t go away.
That’s because they’re treating the diagnosed condition,
and not the specific and individual symptoms that create the disease.

I help you heal your health.

You don’t feel like yourself. You get in a funk for no apparent reason.
That’s because you’re taking on other people’s energy.

I teach you how to deal with other people’s energy.

You’re unable to fulfill your tasks and duties at work so you’re constantly behind.
You wake up every work day worried about how you’re going to get through the day.

I teach you how to manage your own energy.

You can’t ask your boss for a raise, promotion or new role
because your voice is too shaky and your hands get too sweaty and
it’s all just too much that you stay where you are because it’s comfortable.

I teach you how to stand tall, speak up, and get what you desire.


You’re on autopilot. You can’t speak what’s on your mind because when you do, people talk over you.
They don’t understand what you’re saying or do want to understand what you’re saying.
They tell you that you’re weird. So you stop speaking up altogether and set yourself on autopilot.

I teach you how to reclaim your personal power.

Lisa is a professional homeopath and healer with 20+ years of experience.

I’m Lisa, and I’m a healer + a professional homeopath.

I support people who’re struggling with their energy, their health, their life circumstances and their moments of vulnerability is my world’s work.

You get more than 20 years of experience, tools and remedies that are specifically designed to help heal your energy, your health + your life circumstances so you can stop surviving and start thriving this lifetime.

When you work with me, this is what happens…

  • You feel like yourself again.
  • You feel better.
  • Your aliments are gone & your energy is aligned.
  • You are Happier. Healthier. Lighter. Brighter.
  • You are Thriving. Living.
  • You feel comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll feel like you can move mountains and get what you want.

You’re a powerful person. When you get back into your body and stand in your power, you can move mountains. You speak what’s on your heart, the absolute truth with conviction and courage. The universe conspires to give you exactly what you want.

You’ll feel energized and excited to show up and live your life.

Speaking up is easy. Standing tall is effortless. Cool, calm, collected + in control of your energy and your days.

You know exactly how you want to show up in all of your social situations with a smile on your face.

I take your energy +  your health seriously.

It’s all about getting to the heart of the issue
and identifying the barriers + blind spots (physical, emotional and mental)
between you and your true self.

Let’s get your energy aligned + your life back…

Single Session

Bring your most pressing issue.

We’ll unlock one layer, maybe two.

Book this to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me.

Book My Session!
4 Months Of Healing

Healing is a process because life is a process.
Together, we’ll work through all layers.

Weekly sessions

In-between session support

Unlimited email access

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Yes, I'm ready!

I began talking with Lisa to rid myself of the debilitation of Endometriosis.  I had many of the symptoms but the overriding debilitation was crippling abdominal pain for 7 days per month.

Lisa guided me to search within myself with absolute honesty for the root cause of the endometriosis, the mental thought process behind the physical symptoms … the answers were within me all the time.

Now, I’m symptom free – no pain.  Above this I have awakened an awareness & respect of myself that allows my life to flow freely through me and to make choices that feel great for me.

Liz S

Owner/Director, An Engineering Company, New Zealand

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