4-Month Health & Wellness Journey

For the strong, introverted, open, heart/soul-centered soul who knows it’s time to do something about their health and take a journey back to themselves and step into their empowerment. Who needs ongoing support, mentoring and encouragement, individualised solutions and healing for a crisis in health or in life, however big or small.  

Limited space available to ensure maximum benefit from this 1:1 intensive.

In my more than 20 years of work as a homeopath and healer, I’ve watched as many of my clients start out strong in their journey to health only to peter out and regress in the face of transition, growth, and change. I have your back. I stand in your corner.

This package has been specifically created for individuals who are seeking a life-changing experience and long-term support. It has been designed to be organic and dynamic, shifting to meet your needs and provide real-time solutions throughout our four months together.

As a qualified homeopath, a Dip Hom in fact. I have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, medical science and a holistic view of how the human body functions, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

I also understand energy and the impact your experiences, your thoughts and emotions have on your physical body and the die-eases that this can cause. Emotional baggage is a real thing. As I was going through my training I worked in a health food store that sold supplements related to nutrition and health, guided and trained by a naturopath. I have a natural ability as a healer and when I wasn’t working or avoiding study, I spent my time learning about all things energy and healing.

No one needs to be limited by symptoms and disease. Did you know that pain is the common symptom of emotional baggage? It’s about getting to what it is and the core of why it’s there in the first place. Then the healing happens. After all, that is what your body is designed to do. Sort through the blocks and limitations and your body is capable of doing the rest.

When you have given so much and all it’s done is left them exhausted. Or you’ve have felt so downtrodden and persecuted and that your gentle nature has been taken advantage of. To the point that you are now left with a dis-ease, feeling vulnerability or with a health issue that no one gets because they just don’t understand or at least haven’t taken the time to understand.

So, If you’re struggling with a crisis in health or in life that you can’t fully explain, be it big or small. If you feel like you’ve been sideswiped by life or your life is just out of reach, and you’re in need for someone to stand in your corner. To help you find the way to health and happiness, your way and on your terms. That’s me. I’m here to help.

No one needs someone telling them what they should be doing. This is about unraveling your way and finding out what makes you tick. People can move mountains when they feel supported, heard and understood. So let’s start by connecting with your stuff, so you can start to move your mountains.

We all know that it’s taken a chunk of time to create your current reality. And it’s going to take time to create a new healthy reality. No one can wave a magic wand and poof you are totally healed. There are things to be learned from those lessons and understandings to be had. I’m not going to specify a specific number as you may need way more, cause you might need more.

Included in this journey:

  • Weekly (or as needed) Skype sessions.  I’m here for you.  I’ve got your back. Your time and our time together will be based on your needs. Nothing more, nothing less. This isn’t about me. It’s totally about you.
  • Maintenance mini-sessions, as needed. 
  • Unlimited email access throughout the 4 months
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4-Month Intensive for $1,188.00 USD

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Once payment is complete, I’ll send you a short form to complete so we can hit the ground running. And at the same time we’ll schedule a time to connect. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you in every way I can. Chat soon, Lisa xx

"Lisa has been instrumental in my realizing my dream life of being together with my family taking care of them every day while at the same time having the financial security to do so.  Lisa is always very patient and offers practical and heartfelt caring help and advice to me, in every step of the way, even after the time period of me seeking her service.  Lisa is always approachable, and she always takes the initiative to check in on me, in a way that makes me feel comfortable.  I don't like sales pitch and I usually do not take initiative to report back on my progress, however all these are not a problem at all when I worked with Lisa because she made it very easy and comfortable for us to work together in a very effective manner.  All in all, what's most important is that I achieved the results and the dream that I longed for, and I believe Lisa played a tremendous part in it.  Thank you so much Lisa for your kind and loving help always!! " 

Meng Yew

I approached Lisa because I learnt that she did healing for health issues as well. 2 main things Lisa has been helping me with is bad period cramps and generally maintaining my energy.

I've suffered from really bad period cramps for close to 15 years. Every month I'll be down for about 2-3 days. I've tried everything - from scans to check ups to TCM to every possible remedy I've found and nothing has worked. Every doctor I've been to could not find a single thing that's wrong with me (which is a good thing)! Lisa did some healing for me and within a couple of months, my cramps are much less painful. I can move around during my period (:

The second thing is just general energy management. Lisa helped me see what's going on with me. I've been feeling exhausted since I got back from the US. Lots of work, stress and especially taking on other people's energy - we do that a lot as introverts! Because we are sensitive to people's vibe and energy, we tend to claim responsibility for it and that makes me totally exhausted. Lisa has helped me realize that and learn to be aware so I'll stop doing that. She's also taught me to see how things around me affect my energy and how I can protect and maintain it.

If you're feeling exhausted every day or you just feel "off" in your body or heart, Lisa will help you find out why and help with the healing process (:

Thank you Lisa. I feel what you are doing is so powerful for me and you literally guided me to heal something I never thought I could heal. I seriously thought I had to live with it my whole life.

Esther Loke

Marketing Strategist

“I began talking with Lisa to rid myself of the debilitation of Endometriosis. I had many of the symptoms but the overriding debilitation was crippling abdominal pain for 7 days per month.

Lisa guided me to search within myself with absolute honesty for the root cause of the endometriosis, the mental thought process behind the physical symptoms … the answers were within me all the time.

Now, I’m symptom free – no pain. Above this I have awakened an awareness & respect of myself that allows my life to flow freely through me and to make choices that feel great for me.”


Company Director

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