1:1 health and life journey, with 1 week follow-up support

One power-full journey to identify, shift and heal. For the individual seeking a solution now.

These individual one-on-one journey’s are designed to help you get to the bottom of a pressing issue that may be affecting your energy, your health or your life; and you’ll come out on the other side with a tangible solution, tool or remedy.

Allow 2-4 hours for our session  — it may not take that long — but  you’ll have my full attention and gentle guidance to uncover a solution that supports your greatest health and happiness.

Together, we’ll use my processes to get clear on where your personal energy is blocked, dimmed, or draining. From there, I’ll help you shift and heal, both energetically and physically.

During our journey, you’ll receive insights and remedies to help you continue healing after our work together. Afterwards, you’ll have my personal support for up to a week if questions or related issues come up.

Included in this package:

  • One private session (video call or in-person) with my undivided attention — on You!
  • Insights, remedies, tools and recommendations customized for your needs
  • May include an Energy Audit and/or Healing Session
  • Unlimited email access to me during the week following the session, for follow-ups, tweaks or troubleshooting
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My personal Energy Audit Healing Session with Lisa was nothing short of life-changing. It was very powerful in itself and the way things changed for me afterward was just amazing.

I've been struggling with my life as a stay-at-home mother; more specifically, with managing my moods and energy with my children, who have always been intense and needy. It had gotten to the point where I spent most of my time wanting to run and hide from them, as I felt utterly emotionally battered and energetically drained by even the simplest interaction.

Lisa helped me to see how I've been managing my energy incorrectly, and she cleaned everything up so that by the next day, I woke to a completely different reality. My children were settled, calm, loving. I felt normal for the first time probably since becoming a mother. I felt like ME. Happy, content, and strong. What an amazing gift Lisa has given me and our family!

Follow up comment...

I want someone who can see what I can't and answer my burning questions. What I know about you is, you are highly intuitive and can see my blind spots. You have a way of helping me put the pieces together--and, subsequently, helping me put myself back together. I know I'm strong and I can take it from there. But in that moment of confusion and vulnerability, I need someone to walk me through to the other side.

Lindsay Maxfield

Intuitive Healer, Assertiveness Coach

”I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the care and quality advice given to me by Lisa Hawkins. Her expertise in the field of natural medicine helped soothe the symptoms and alleviate some of the anxiety I was experiencing. Her support and gentle nature made her a confidant and professional I strongly recommend to others.”

Rebecca Bignall-Nalder

Working with Lisa was a great experience. She taught me a technique that has kept my energy intact even in very stressful situations. If you're looking to have energy work done I highly recommend working with Lisa. ❤

Rebecca McKown

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